Saturday, June 30, 2012

More Pics of Junkin' In June

More pictures of Junkin' In June at JB Knackers! 

 Loved Linda's vintage glamour camper!  Her camper is very cool inside and I ssssoooo want one.  This could be mommy's creative cave!  I also bought a fun "junk" necklace from her.  ~Hargrove Made It~

 Brenda at JB Knacker opened up her garage as well for the weekend event.  Fun items in there as well!

 So in love with the turqoise colors in this metal piece!

 Junk Key Jewels by Sue were super cute!  I loved her jewelry display stand.

Silver Wearz By Jes - Not only was her jewelry cool but so was the junk she brought in.

 Loved Past Time Treasures' Junk and they were out of Ankeny, IA.   I loved this metal yellow cubby - I would have loved to taken this home.

 A few of my fun finds!

 Loved this sign that Past Time Treasures had!

Great time was had by all at JB Knacker's Junkin' In June!  I am looking forward to having more fun up there this Fall!  Great vendors and fantastic customers!


  1. cool blog! I'm your newest follower! LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow cubby!

  2. the glamour camper I love it. Everything looks awesome!

  3. If only I could reach through the laptop and get some of the good junk!!