Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Display Your Collections

Inexpensive items add up to a powerful statement en masse.  Take a look:

Hang skeleton keys from ribbons in windows, use them as pulls on a shade, or group a variety on the wall (you can even display some horizontally with a second nail).  Oh how I love keys!

Sew buttons to colorful paper backings and frame them to make little curio cabinets, or string them together into decorative garlands.

When taken out of context, letters — especially when writ large — have a graphic appeal all their own. Stand them upon a mantel or a buffet. Form witty words with smaller blocks, or group multiples of the same letter on a shelf or wall for a study in type style.

There are some fun playing cards out there.  Sandwich cards in Lucite frames and group together. Or spread them on top of a coffee table underneath a piece of glass.

Dish Towels
Gather dish towels by color (red and white) or theme (kitchen, vegetables) and pile them in the bathroom in place of hand towels, or assemble a patchwork tablecloth.

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  1. These are all such great inspiration photos, Tricia! Hope to see you at Junk Bonanza!