Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ways to Display Your Collections

Many of us have collections that you would love to display in your home and just have not come up with a way to do it.  I wanted to share some fun displays of collections with you.

Collection of dice displayed on a printer's tray
~Real Simple~
A printer's tray or a shadow box is a wonderful way to display your finds!

Sock monkey collection wall display
~Real Simple~

Collection of globes displayed on a table
~Real Simple~
This is my favorite because I love vintage globes!

stamp collection framed

~Country Living~

~Country Living~

~Country Living~
There is so much there but it looks so clean since they displayed all neutral and like items together.  Love it!

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  1. Great images! I love the picture with the mirrors. I have a lot of old mirrors and a long hallway on my 2nd floor that has nothing on it. A display like that one would be perfect!
    Thanks for the inspiration.