Sunday, July 10, 2011

Friday's Favorite Find

I was super excited about junkin' on Friday.  No kids and many places to stop :)!  My first garage sale had advertised estate jewelry and antiques.  However, when I arrived it was more like a grocery/hardware store.  I know many of you have been to a garage sale like that and you just wonder if anyone actually buys anything from them.

I did score several items on Friday such as a vintage chalkboard, vintage oil cans, vintage cameras and a vintage dress form.  I already have 2 but why not another one!  She was dirty and her blue material had to come off.

 Her shoulder needs to be fixed and I might just do some decoupaging with fun material.  She is going to look great!

She is already working it by showcasing a necklace of mine!


  1. She's gorgeous! Wow, she will look so good all decked out with a new cover. Glad you pulled off that blue.

  2. You know what, that is awesome!! Love what you found!

  3. How about using some old music or book pages on her??? I have seen several and they are wonderful. Awesome score!! I need to find one someday.