Monday, May 2, 2011

American Pickers

I had the opportunity to stop by Antique Archeology's Shop this weekend.  If you are not familiar with that name then I know you have heard of the American Pickers.  Mike and Frank were out "picking" for great junk.  It was so much fun walking through their store and seeing items that I saw them "pick" on their TV show. 

The gray building in the background is a tiny little Shop that holds some of their finds.

I love that arrow!

I am in love with clocks and if I had the room I could see this is my home.  What great wall art!

Love those screens!  Those would be great to hang jewelry!

Go visit their shop because they have great items to purchase as well as souvenirs!  They are located in Le Claire, IA right off of I-80 and next to the Mississippi River.


  1. How exciting!
    Was Danielle there?
    Were their items for sale?
    Now that would be a great road trip!

  2. Danielle was not there :(! There items were for sale! It was amazing of how many people were there on a Friday afternoon and as we were leaving more people were pulling their cars in. Le Claire also has a few antique shops if you decide to go for a road trip.

  3. Maybe we did see each other and not realize it?
    Were you there with your hubby and we talked about carnival punks?????


  4. Jan,

    I was not there with my hubby. I was there with my daughter and she received a signed picture of them. When they gave it to her she asked me "who are these guys?". Too funny!