Sunday, March 20, 2011

If You Are Ever In Kansas City Area....

I had a great girl's weekend in Kansas City and went to a store that is a must to check out if you are in that area.  Nell's Hill is now one of my favorite stores for several reasons such as great customer service, friendly staff, wonderful home accent pieces and awesome displays. 
Slideshow Image 1

I took this picture to show you how great turning books backwards to show the white of the pages.  It looks great doesn't it!

I also liked how they used vintage cake plate stands to decorate the table.  The store had such great vintage and new items!

Who doesn't like Anthropology's store fronts?  It was so cool how they used hangers for the background and to make a dress for their dress forms.  I just had to take a picture to show you.


  1. That store looks really cool. I maybe planning a trip around there this next year. Mygoodness, that window is amazingly creative...styling window displays would be my dream job, because you can just go all out and not worry about being practical one bit!

  2. I do love Nell Hill's. I was just at Briarcliff Plaza today but my destination was Urban Arts and Crafts. Have you ever been to Nell Hill's Atchison store? If you haven't it's worth the trip. I grew up there and I visit almost every time I head home to see my parents. Lots of wonderful inspiration!!

  3. The Anthropologie display is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing that with us :) Your newest follower~ Carrie @ Hot House Market

  4. Thanks for stopping by the blog. I have not been to Nell Hill's but have heard great things from several people so maybe this summer needs me to take a road trip!