Sunday, January 30, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I scored a few flea market finds this week.  When I saw the sign "Flea Market" then I just had to stop.  As many of you know we (junkers) are a determined bunch to find that great find!

I just love the green color in the interior of the suitcase.


  1. I love the pattern on your muffin tin..I haven't seen one of those around the thrift stores in some time and the suitcase looks to be in nice shape too. Great finds!

  2. A flea market or garage sale sign will get my attention every time!

  3. Looking and reading blogs is the only fix for today! Snow is really falling and I have many friends that are gone or leaving soon for a warm destination. Me, I just long for a good garage sale! Can't wait for SpRiNg!

  4. Barntiques,
    I agree with you. We are going to have a winter blast of 7 inches of snow and I am dreaming of warm weather and junking.