Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 Design Trends

Top Trend: Mirrored Accents5)Mirrored Accents (Mirrored tables and accents)

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3) Storage Art (It is recommended to use clear storage units to showcase your wonderful finds.  I also think using glass vases and jars is a wonderful look.  I am going to get out some of my vintage jewelry and skeleton keys and display them in clear containers.  Why not show off my great finds!)Top Trend: Storage ArtMore at

2) Mid-Century Lighting (This is brought on by the "Mad Men" TV series.  A little bit of modern with vintage adds a great touch to your home.  It can be traditional and shabby chic.)
Top Trend: Mid-Century Lighting

1)  Rust Color (I still prefer the pink color that I posted earlier.)
Top Trend: Rust Color
~via Nate Berkus~  Thank you Nate for wonderful inspirations!


  1. HI,just found your blog and am now following.Please come over and visit me soon.Love Nate!..xx

  2. No. 3....I store my vintage, and not so vintage, pins on a velvet pillow in my living room! Great conversation piece, and I get to see my treasures all the time!


  3. I love that idea of showcasing your pins on a pillow! That is a great conversation piece and you can enjoy them on a daily basis!

  4. Seriously, your posts are so great and to the point. I need to take some lessons on blogging from you:) It's funny that so much of the stuff we post about is similar. Or at least things I want to post about... you usually get to it first;)