Thursday, December 9, 2010

Recycling Vintage Frames

Gilt Frame Card Holder
~~via Pottery Barn~~

10 Ways to repurpose a vintage picture frame:
1. Frame a Tray
2. Frame a calendar.
3. Frame vintage wallpaper or vintage fabric, old calendar pictures, greeting cards, magazine covers or record albums.
4. Frame a Mirror.
5. Display photos or a make a collage.
6. Make a bulletin board from a frame without a glass. Back it with cork or wine corks.
7. Make a magnetic bulletin board.
8. Cover a digital picture frame. Cut the frame and glue it over a generic digital picture frame.
9. Make a scrapbook display or aninspiration board for all your DIY. ideas.
10. Frame a pocket display board – for organizing bills, photos, business cards. Use colored library book pockets, envelopes or fabric.
11. Use it to display your jewelry.

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  1. I was just watching the Nate Show last week and this lady used old window frames to hang towels (she put twine through the center) and pots and pans. I bet you could do some of the same things with frames. Very interesting. I need to start collecting them to repurpose.