Friday, November 26, 2010

Market Day

We had a fantastic time at Market Day in Des Moines.

Market Day is where you can find fabulous handmade items by local artists.  Anything from jewelry, hand sewn IPOD covers, handmade skirts to iconic photography can be found at this once a month event.

I bought a very cute skirt for my daughter made out of different colored sweaters.  Very reasonable find at Market Day for such a cute item!

CUSTOM Sweater Skirt Adult Size


  1. I just heard about this not long ago from the girl who designed my DMWS website. She sells pottery and things. Where there a lot of vendors there?

  2. For Black Friday there was close to 50 vendors and I guess normally there are around 30 vendors. I would like to get in for next year. I did see her pottery. I wonder how well she does there.